SummerHill Housing Group

SummerHill Housing Group has established a tradition of developing distinctive residential communities located within the most desirable settings. Ranging from large estate homes to urban condominiums with SummerHill Homes, to multi-family apartment homes with SummerHill Apartment Communities. SummerHill builds a variety of home styles featuring high quality architecture, and exceptional attention to detail. Since its inception in 1976. SummerHill has proven expertise in working closely with cities and neighborhood constituents to successfully integrate new home communities into the texture of the surrounding neighborhood by developing the most compatible housing type, architectural style, and urban plan for each site. SummerHill has demonstrated its strength and focus for achieving Communities of Distinction throughout the entitlement process by preserving and improving upon the existing neighborhood integrity, and creating positive neighborhood development partners.


We define our excellence by our relationships, the quality of our communities and in every aspect of our operations. Our collaboration with The Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce provides a vital link to the Santa Clara community, and ensures our projects reflect the needs of both the residents and businesses that call Santa Clara home.  The Chamber’s ability to listen to and advocate for the concerns of its members while also being a knowledgeable resource for its members creates a self-perpetuating bond that only increases in value over time.  The attributes we at SummerHill hold high – quality, distinction, and opportunity – are the same attributes we find in the Chamber, its members and in Santa Clara as a whole.


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