Support Local Teachers and Students

Have you been looking for ways to support local education? Sponsor Santa Clara Unified School District’s Back-to-School Kickoff event on August 14 by hosting our staff at a venue on your site. Santa Clara Unified is looking to take our staff of 1,500 off campus for an inspirational kickoff to the 2015-2016 school year.
We have three amazing speakers lined up and it would make the welcome back even more special for our staff if we could partner to turn it up a notch. What is needed: Seating for 1,500, A/V equipment (or we can bring in rental A/V equipment), and
access to nearby parking. Don’t have a venue but still want to help? We’d love to partner to provide our staff morning snacks and beverages. There are many ways this benefits our sponsor(s). First, feeling really good about doing something amazing for our local
educators as we send them into the school year inspired to meet every succe
ss and challenge that comes their way. Second, you get bragging rights. We will spread the word around town about how SUPPORTIVE and AMAZING you are and the ways you
show our community you care. How? News releases, communication to parent
s, social media posts, our community newsletter (mailed to 50,000 homes). We could even arrange an opportunity at the start of the morning for the CEO, VP, etc. to address our staff for 2-3 minutes. We really want to do something different and exciting for our staff this year and know there is a partner out there who’s been itching to do the same.
Contact: Jennifer Dericco, SCUSD Public Information Officer, (408) 423-2131 or

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