Spotlight on Pyramid of Leaders: UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

Dean, Lynda Rogers

Dr. Lynda Rogers, Dean of UCSC Extension

For the past 50 years, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension has provided high-quality career development for working professionals in more than 40 fields. UCSC Extension made Santa Clara its home in 2009, thanks in part to the community support and leadership of the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce.

“As a provider of higher education, we exist to serve the community,” says Dr. Lynda Rogers, Dean of UCSC Extension. “Understanding and connecting with local business leaders is critical, not only to our success, but to the success of the city. The Chamber introduced us to local service organizations and helped anchor us in the community. Over the last five years, we’ve felt very supported, and our staff and students have really thrived.”

As Santa Clara grows, UCSC Extension plans to grow too, expanding its courses and programs to reflect the job skills that the community needs the most. That’s why Extension’s involvement with the Chamber of Commerce is so vital; by learning about the challenges and opportunities facing local professionals, it is able to best serve the needs of the community.


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