Spotlight On Pyramid Of Leaders: Irvine Company


With roots dating back to 1864, the Irvine Company is one of California’s oldest and most successful real estate companies, best known for the master-planned communities we’ve planned and developed in the state.  For nearly 20 years, we’ve applied our design and planning expertise to the Silicon Valley, with a focus on creating special live and work communities featuring a balanced mix of housing near jobs, stores, restaurants, trails and other community amenities.

Unlike many community planners and builders, we never sell our properties, choosing instead to invest and reinvest in them to ensure they retain the same outstanding quality and appeal as the day they opened.  This unusual commitment to long-term ownership, combined with our proven master-planning approach to each project we undertake, is guiding our efforts in the City of Santa Clara.

Our goal is to build upon the sense of community felt by those who live in Santa Clara, and create great places to live, work, shop and play.  These include communities that:

  • Are walkable and attractive
  • Provide new housing choices near the City’s growing job base
  • Expand residents’ specialty retail and dining options
  • Attract both established and up-and-coming companies to Santa Clara and its highly-educated workforce

We are proud to work with the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce as we provide some of our most ambitious master-planned projects locally to date and the benefits they provide to the City. 


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