Member Referrals

We would like to recognize and acknowledge member referrals for the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce. The following new members were referred by an existing member of the Chamber and we would like to recognize and thank them for their support.

Andy Ratermann with Rapt Investment referred Rushton Hurley with Next Vista for Learning.  Next Vista for Learning provides a library of free videos made by and for teachers and students everywhere. To learn more visit their website, or contact Rushton at (408) 396-7997.  If you are looking for property investments, contact Andy at (408) 244-4548.

Doron Noyman with Keypoint Credit Union referred Jeff Miraglia with Mindset Brands Destinations, Inc. Jeff is looking to brand Santa Clara as he has done with other major cities, convention centers and Chambers of Commerce.  If you would like to know more about his mission, contact him at (480) 205-4493.  To learn more about ways to save or re-finance or protect your money, contact Doron at (408) 731-4247.

Want to see your name here?  If someone you know would benefit by joining the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce, please refer them to Carol Zimring at (408) 380-1236.  Every month we publish new member referrals, listing both the new member and the Chamber member who referred them.   When a member has referred a total of three new members, they will receive a $100.00 advertising credit for use in our weekly and monthly publications.


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