Member of the Month: ActionCOACH Santa Clara-Joe Siecinski


ActionCOACH of Santa Clara has served businesses in the Silicon Valley and their owners, showing them how to get more time, create better teams in their companies and add more money to their bottom-line.  Joe Siecinski works hard on behalf of his clients to help them meet and exceed their goals.  He follows these values to get his clients results:

  • He is 100% committed to his ActionCOACH clients
  • Clients can expect him to always speak the truth and deliver integrity
  • Clients trust that they will have an environment of respect and gratitude during all his coaching sessions
  • Good enough isn’t good enough, and clients can expect excellence from him and from themselves
  • The work between Joe and his client together is centered around both fun and balance

Services that ActionCOACH Santa Clara provide include 1-on-1 counseling, group coaching, workshops and seminars.  Whether you are looking for assistance in growing your business or just want to create a more solid foundation to what you’ve built, ActionCOACH of Santa Clara can help you achieve these goals.  To find out more, visit their website at and schedule an appointment today.


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