Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce Focuses on 2014 Election Season


After holding a very successful Santa Clara Chamber Political Action Committee (SCCPAC) fundraiser on August 7, our organization is now focused on several key candidate races and business issues that will be on the November 2014 ballot.

For those of you that were unable to attend our “Tailgate in the Stadium” on August 7, you missed a great opportunity to network with close to 200 business and elected leaders from our community.  Funds raised from this event will assist the    SCCPAC in supporting candidates running for office that support our business community and the free market system. 

The SCCPAC will be interviewing City Council candidates on September 12 at Ding Ding TV in Santa Clara.  These interviews will be streamed live and available on YouTube.  We will send out a link to the videos in one of our future membership emails, so stay tuned.  With the Mayor and two City Council seats (seats 2 and 5) up for election and eight candidates running, it will be a stimulating day. 

Santa Clara School Board candidate endorsements are also being considered for late September.  All SCCPAC final endorsements will be communicated to our entire membership through email and our newsletter.       

At our September 9 combined Government Relations Committee and Industrial and Commercial Economic Development Committee meeting we will be reviewing the State Propositions and Santa Clara Unified School District Bond Measure H.  Please join us at 8am at the Chamber office as we take a look at these very important issues that will impact the business community.

As you can see, we continue our strong advocacy for you, our members, making sure our elected officials consider the impacts their decisions have on the business community.    

We hope you will consider joining the discussion and attend our next Government Relations Committee meeting on September 9 at the Chamber office.  If you are unable to attend, please let me know if there is anything you’d like us to consider at the meeting that may be impacting your business.  You can always reach me at 408-380-1231 or by email at

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