Paid Sick Leave AB 1522 Will Hurt Small & Medium Businesses


The Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce opposes AB 1522, mandated employee sick time legislation sponsored by Assembly Member Gonzalez, which is scheduled for a hearing in Senate Appropriations on August 4.

As the business voice for our members throughout Silicon Valley, we feel that the provisions of AB 1522 place unnecessary and burdensome regulations upon our members in general, and our small and medium sized members specifically.

This legislation, by requiring all employees who work in California for 30 days to be allotted sick time, will create an additional cost to already cash-strapped businesses of roughly $37 million.

Additionally, by requiring the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) to enforce and investigate complaints, and by putting ultimate enforcement authority in the hands of the California Attorney General, we fear that the new regulations will only serve to increase civil litigation expenses that already represent a substantial drain on Silicon Valley employers.

Additionally, by exempting certain collective bargaining agreements from these new requirements, we believe that the legislation creates an unequal playing field amongst California employers.

We know that the majority of Silicon Valley companies are committed to a safe, healthy and productive workforce, including the extension of sick time. However, as is too often the case, legislation such as AB 1522, even with the best of intentions, can have a negative impact that ultimately impairs the desired goal.

On behalf of the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce, we ask that you reach out to Senator Jerry Hill and respectfully request that he consider the aforementioned concerns as part of his deliberations on AB 1522, and ultimately ask for his vote in opposition to the legislation.  Senator Hill can be reached in Sacramento at 916-651-4013.

Thank you for your continued support of our organization, and please let me know if you’d like us to consider legislation that may impact your business.  I can be reached at 408-380-1231 or by email at     

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