Non-Resident Withholding Compliance

The State Franchise Tax Board (FTB) wants to ensure that businesses are compliant in regards to withholding taxes when it comes to nonresidents.  Generally, if a business pays a nonresident independent contractor more than $1,500 in a calendar year, the business is responsible for withholding 7% of the payment and sending it to FTB. Nonresidents are required to file tax returns on the income they earn in California; this withholding is a prepayment of the tax that may be due on that income.

The FTB website has many tools and information on this topic to help you stay compliant. 

• Determine if withholding is required, you may conduct an agent self-test –

• Retrieve general information on the three stages of withholding

• Access current year forms and publications

• Review the withholding voluntary compliance program to assist self-agents in remitting past due, non-wage withholding

For further information, please visit the FTB website at

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