Chamber Board of Directors Reach Out to Members for 2014-15 Program of Work


At the beginning of the fiscal year, the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Chair David Tobkin asked the Board of Directors if they would consider a new approach for our Annual Board of Directors Retreat. The retreat is where the Chamber’s Program of Work is planned for the upcoming year. He felt it was time the board reached out to the Chamber membership and ask them what we are doing well and where can we improve.

Prior to the retreat, board members reached out to over 200 members asking them several important questions: How is your business doing? What is the Chamber doing well to help your business grow? What can the Chamber do differently to help your business grow?

Over a four week period and after making several phone calls and personal visits, some interesting data came to light:

  • Overall, our member businesses are doing well and are optimistic about the future.
  • Members are interested in being kept up to date on how Levi’s Stadium and the surrounding development projects will impact their business.
  • Educational seminars are important and help your business stay current with the ever changing laws that impact your business.
  • You want the Chamber to be your number one resource for your business.

Of course, there were many other great suggestions made that will also be considered for our 2014-15 Program of Work. Rest assured your Board of Directors and Chamber staff will continue to provide programs, information and connections so that we continue to be your number one resource for your business growth.


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