Santa Clara Post Office to Remain Open

Santa Clara Post Office

Congressmen Mike Honda (D-CA17) recently lauded US Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe for his decision not to close the historic Santa Clara Post Office at Franklin Mall.

“I am grateful to the Postmaster General for this decision,” Congressman Honda said. “The Franklin Mall Post Office is historic, beautiful, convenient, and necessary for downtown Santa Clara. This is a facility, in the heart of an old mission city, which services small businesses, students, older residents, and everyone else in the area.”

Local civic leaders and citizens have been working to keep the post office open since rumors first surfaced that it would close. The City of Santa Clara sent two letters to the postal service urging them not to close the facility. A petition started by Ken Sinclair of the Downtown Merchants Association garnered over 6,000 signatures.

Since first hearing of the potential closure from his constituents, the Congressman has taken many steps to try to keep it open. In December of 2013, he wrote a letter to the Postmaster General urging him to “keep the post office open and operational.” For months, Congressman Honda’s staff stayed in touch with the office of the Postmaster General, reiterating the Congressman’s concerns. Last week, he spoke with Deputy Postmaster General Ron Stroman, as well as his colleagues on the Oversight Committee, about this issue.

“I’m very glad that all of our actions led to this decision” the Congressman added. “The Post Office has a difficult job, deciding which facilities to keep open and which they have to shutter. I’m glad they realized the value, history, and importance of the Santa Clara facility.”

The Franklin Mall post office opened in 1936. It is the only downtown building that predates the renovation of downtown Santa Clara in the 1960s.


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