Member of the Month: City Beach Santa Clara


City Beach, where corporations, families and friends gather to have fun! Our unique destination is where people enjoy a broad offering of activities.  Do you need to plan a corporate event or team building?  Are you tired of the same ol’ thing?  At City Beach we have the answers! With table games such as Billiards, air hockey, foosball and more! In addition, we have basketball courts and rock climbing walls to add more fun to your event.

At City Beach, we are particularly proud of our fun approach to team building for our corporate clients.  We build stronger, happier teams.  For example, Extreme Chef encourages teams to prepare quality dishes in 30 minutes.  But we have a fun twist, in order to obtain ingredients, teams perform challenges to win them. One of our corporate clients commented, “I felt like I was on the TV show Top Chef”.  Call 800-354-3010, and let the event managers at City Beach plan your next offsite.

For kids and families, we also book private events.   We are a great alternative for all your social occasions…Wedding’s, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday party, holiday gatherings as well as High School Grad Nights! We do it all.

City Beach is the place for corporate and family fun! Call 800-354-3010, and let one of our experienced event managers plan your next offsite.


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