New Apple Campus 2 Development Strongly Endorsed

ApplCampus2 apple2Apple Campus 2 03At the June 25 Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Convention-Visitors Bureau Board of Directors meeting, the board voted unanimously to support the Apple Campus 2 development that is planned for the City of Cupertino and borders the City of Santa Clara.  “The Apple Campus 2 development will allow Apple’s research and development functions to remain in Silicon Valley keeping over 41,000 jobs in our County.  Apple will also invest close to $70 million in infrastructure improvements, parkland upgrades and affordable housing.  This is a huge win for Silicon Valley and Santa Clara”, said Steve Van Dorn, President and CEO.

Here are a few important economic facts:

  • Apple Campus 2 will create over 9,000 construction jobs
  • Apple makes $8.6 billion in purchases from local businesses each year in Cupertino, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara
  • The current Cupertino area workforce consists of more than 16,000 full- time employees, more than 40% of Cupertino’s job market
  • Apple Campus 2 will have 24,000 full-time jobs in Cupertino and more than 41,000 in Santa Clara County
  • Apple makes over $150 million in purchases from local Cupertino businesses each year
  • Apple provides $14 million ongoing annual revenues to VTA for local and regional transportation improvements
  • Apple contributes $57 million in ongoing annual revenues to support local governments and special districts to fund neighborhood services, police, fire departments, roads, parks, schools and libraries

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