2013 Membership Survey Results Are In!


Hopefully you received our membership survey in your in-box last March and responded.  Every 2-3 years we reach out to you so we can measure how we are doing in meeting your needs.  Even though the survey only took 10 minutes to complete, we unfortunately only received a 12% response rate or 107 out of 913 surveys sent.  We compared our results with over 6,523 other members of local chambers in the west that have taken the survey since January 2012.

The survey included over 30 questions asking why you belong to our organization to how we are doing in meeting your needs.  The first few questions asked why you belong, the value received compared to the dues you pay and how relevant our organization is to your business.  The results were very consistent with the other members surveyed throughout the west.

When asked what services and programs you have participated in recently, monthly mixers and joint mixers ranked at the top with convention center calendar, monthly mailer inserts, connection clubs, Pyramid Awards Dinner and Annual Directory/Destination Guide ranked about the same.

A majority of the questions asked you what the chamber should be focused on doing and compared that to our performance in accomplishing these important focus areas.  Overall, we ranked higher in performance compare to the other 6,523 chamber members in the west.  The biggest area for improvement is that many of you that responded to the survey didn’t know whether or not we were accomplishing the key focus areas.  We plan to increase and target our communications to you on our important accomplishments so you are better informed on what we are doing to assist your business.

Finally, we asked the ultimate question:  Would you recommend chamber membership to a friend?  The final percentage is called a net promoter score (NPS).  This is determined by eliminating the “neutral” (7-8 scores) and subtracting the percentage of promoters (9-10 scores) from the percentage of detractors (1-5 scores).  We scored a 37% NPS.  This is 7% above the average of the 200 chambers that have completed this survey since 2012.

Overall, we are performing better than the majority of the other chambers in the west.  However, we have room for improvement and will be making these changes as we move into our next fiscal year.  If you were unable to participate in our recent survey and would like to share your thoughts on what we can do better to support your business, please email me at steve.vandorn@santaclara.org.  Thank you for your continued support of our organization!


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