NFL Owners Will Vote in May on Santa Clara Stadium’s Super Bowl Bid


Next month at the NFL owners meeting on May 21, a decision will be made on whether or not Santa Clara’s new stadium will host historic Super Bowl L (50) or LI (51). The SF Super Bowl Committee and Santa Clara Convention and Visitors Bureau staff have been busy meeting the requirements listed in the NFL’s lengthy bid specification packet.

The Santa Clara City Council also recently agreed to a list of financial demands by the NFL that should help pave the way to bring the nation’s biggest sporting event to Santa Clara. NFL owners will decide between Miami, FL and Santa Clara for Super Bowl L (50). Whoever is not picked will then immediately be considered for Super Bowl LI (51) along with Houston, TX.

According to Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau President and CEO Steve Van Dorn, “we expect to see a huge economic impact from the NFL sanctioned events and also from the many private events that will be held close to the stadium.” Among the South Bay venues expected to be in use are Santa Clara and South Bay hotels, California’s Great America, and Santa Clara Convention Center as well as San Jose State University, Stanford Stadium and the new San Jose Earthquakes Stadium.


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