Chamber Membership is a Smart Business Strategy


In following our new mission statement of being the leader in our community by      developing a strong local economy, I wanted to share with you our top 10 list for 2012.

Top 10 actions the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Convention-Visitors did for your business in 2012

10) E-Communication – Over 100 email communications were delivered to thousands of inboxes with events, discounts, articles and tips to help your business grow.

9) Member of the Month Videos – Launched a new member benefit that highlights members through video on a monthly basis on the Chamber’s home page.

8) GRC – The Government Relations Committee reviewed and took positions on more than 40 bills that impact the business community, our city and community.

7) SVYP – Re-launched Silicon Valley Young Professionals which will connect young professionals with their peers, assist with professional development and build strong relationships for future chamber and community leaders.

6) Chamber Events – The Chamber held over 185 networking events connecting members to each other and the community.  Chamber events are a sure way to increase connections, build relationships and grow your business.

5) Santa Clara Social Media – “Visit Santa Clara” Facebook page exceeded 9,000 likes. Other social media includes LinkedInPinterest, Trip Advisor, Twitter & YouTube.

4) Santa Clara Chamber PAC – Endorsed four city council candidates with three being elected in November.

3) Celebrate Santa Clara – Held second annual street dance at Franklin Square, bringing together businesses, non-profits and the community to celebrate our city.

2) Santa Clara Convention Center – Hosted over 466 events with 325,552 attendees, filling thousands of hotel rooms and increased spending throughout the city.

1) Save Local Now – Free online and phone app member discount program launched in July to allow anyone an easy way to save money and buy local.

Thank you for your continued support of the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Convention-Visitors Bureau.


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