Member of the Month: Grocery Outlet


Grocery Outlet sources product opportunistically. Meaning, Grocery Outlet buyers take advantage of manufacturer’s overstocks and packaging changes. When big companies need help selling through a product, they call us. For example, if the company that makes Lucerne yogurt for Safeway stores overproduces on a particular flavor, they call our buyers to help them out. Then, we get the Lucerne yogurt at our store but can sell it for 3 for $1.00! During the month of November we might get candy or cereal that has Halloween packaging. Conventional grocers don’t want Halloween packaging in their stores but the product is still good for six months to a year, so we’ll get it at Grocery Outlet for 40% to 60% off regular retail.

We have great deals on seasonal produce,  and we have a fresh meat department and we sell milk, eggs and juice.

We are a family owned and operated business. Three of our four children work right along side us. Scott has 30 + years in the conventional grocery business. Kelli worked 12 years on the Colorado River as a river guide. Working with Grocery Outlet is providing us with an opportunity to use our knowledge and skills to support our family and work towards a common goal.

“We love the Santa Clara community! People are so friendly and helpful. The members of the Chamber of Commerce are the most welcoming we have ever experienced. We are looking forward to growing our business and being able to help out in the community for years to come,” Kelli Wiggins, owner.

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