Santa Clara Stadium Could Host Super Bowl in 2016 or 2017


It’s official! The San Francisco 49ers are finalists to host Super Bowl 50 in February, 2016 at its new Santa Clara Stadium. The team and region will bid against Miami. Whichever team loses the 2016 bid will have an opportunity along with Houston to host Super Bowl 51. If successful, one of the world’s most watched events will be hosted here in Santa Clara, having a significant positive economic impact on local businesses. “To host a Super Bowl would be a huge boom for business in the months leading up to and following this huge event,” says Steve Van Dorn, President & CEO of the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce & Convention-Visitors Bureau.

Chamber of Commerce and Convention-Visitors Bureau staff plan to give input and participate with the San Francisco Super Bowl bid committee led by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. In addition, the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) hope to use the bid process to garner as much publicity for Santa Clara as possible, including developing an upcoming social media campaign titled “50 Reasons Santa Clara Stadium Should Host Super Bowl 50.


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