Member Referrals


We would like to recognize and acknowledge member referrals for the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce. Every month we publish any new members who have joined and were referred by an existing member. When a member has referred a total of three new members, they will receive a $100.00 advertising credit (good for newsletter inserts, newsletter advertising or eblast advertising). Want to see your name in the next newsletter? Be sure to refer any potential new members to one of our Chamber staff and we will do the rest!

The following new members were referred by an existing member of the Chamber, and we would like to recognize and thank them for their support!

Sylvia Oliverez with Be Well Insurance Solutions referred Arlyne Diamond with Diamond Associates. If you need consulting services or would like to do a seminar, contact Arlyne at (408) 554-0110 to discuss how she can help your business prosper. For the latest updates on health care and to get a quote for health insurance for your business, contact Sylvia at (408) 667-2602.

Rachelle Castaneda with Aramark-Santa Clara Convention Center referred Jessica Chen with WeCare Naturally.  If you want to stay healthy and energetic using natural products, contact Jessica at (408) 586-9988 to find out more. Rachelle also referred Julia Ma with Your Asian Connection, a social club with over 2,000 members. If you are looking for some great social activities and connections, contact Julia at (408) 557-8885 to find out more. If you a looking to book a holiday party or special event, be sure to give Rachelle a call at (408) 748-7030.

A special thank you to one of our many staff members at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Danielle Najmeh, for referring Stephanie Loayza with Open Compute Project Foundation, a non-profit  R&D organization. To find out more, you can contact Stephanie at (650) 485-6320.  Please consider hosting your next event at our beautiful award winning Santa Clara Convention Center. You can contact Danielle at (408) 748-7061 for more details.


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