Santa Clara Chamber PAC Endorses Candidates for November Election

Behind the scenes, the Santa Clara Chamber PAC (SCCPAC) Committee of volunteers has been very busy over the last few weeks.  This Committee acts as a separate political action arm of the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau.  The PAC Committee has interviewed seven candidates running for the four open seats on the Santa Clara City Council, one candidate running for City Clerk, four candidates running for State Assembly Districts 25 and 28, and six more candidates running for three open seats on the Santa Clara Unified School District Governing Board.

If this isn’t enough, the SCCPAC wanted to provide complete transparency during the City Council interviews so we hired Ding Ding TV (a Chamber member) to stream the interviews live on the Internet and then post on YouTube.  To view the interviews,  go to

Since we are a relatively new PAC (founded in 2010), we have learned a lot during this process.  But our mission has never changed-to seek out, evaluate qualifications of and endorse those candidates who are running for public office at the local, county and state level, who support the free enterprise system, believe in fiscally responsible government and whose views represent the interests of the business community.

Based on a thorough evaluation of each candidate interviewed, the Santa Clara Chamber PAC is recommending you support the following candidates for the November election:

Santa Clara City Council
Dr. Mohammed Nadeem, Seat 3
Jerry Marsalli, Seat 4
Lisa Gillmor, Seat 6
Teresa O’Neill, Seat 7

City Clerk
Rod Diridon, Jr.

Police Chief
Michael Sellers

Santa Clara Unified School District
Governing Board
Albert Gonzalez, Trustee Area #2
Jim VanPernis, Trustee Area #2
Elise DeYoung, Trustee Area #3

State Assembly District 25
Arlyne Diamond, Ph.D.

State Assembly District 28
Chad Walsh

To learn more about the SCCPAC, please visit our newly launched website at Don’t forget to vote on November 6th!


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