Chamber Announces Positions on November Ballot Propositions


Each election cycle there are bills that have both long- and short-term consequences for business.  With the current economic climate in California, it’s important for business and residents to focus on how our state can improve the economy by creating jobs and supporting the industry that is in our state, before businesses are either forced to downsize or leave our state for other business-friendly locations.  With this in mind, the Board of Directors for the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce & Convention-Visitors Bureau has reviewed the following measures and propositions for their impact on business, and encourages you to vote on November 6th as follows:

Proposition 31 – Puts a stop to the cycle of placing the burden of current budget year expenses into future year’s budgets.
Proposition 32 – Stops the special interest funding of state and local campaigns by restricting both unions and corporations from collecting funds through payroll deductions.
Proposition 33 – Will reward consumers that have continued their auto insurance coverage, which is required by the law.
Proposition 36 – Would decrease state prison expenses in the long-term, allowing those savings to be used in other areas.
Proposition 40 – Will continue to protect the Citizens Redistricting Commission, keeping the district boundary decisions out of the hands of the politicians.
Measure B/Santa Clara County – will continue to fund clean, safe, reliable water at the local level as state and federal funds decrease.

Proposition 30 – Redirects funds and does not solve the budgetary issues that our state is facing.
Proposition 37 – It would force additional financial burdens on business to ensure that items are labeled correctly and would hold businesses selling the items (not just manufacturers of the items) liable for the correct labeling.
Proposition 38 – Redirects funds and does not solve the budgetary issues that our state is facing.
Proposition 39 – It would create a larger burden on CA businesses who represent the third largest source of revenue for the state’s General Fund.
Measure A/Santa Clara County – It does not address the budgetary issues that the county and cities need to address to ensure a balanced budget.
Measure D – San Jose Minimum Wage Increase-will make it more difficult to operate a competitive business by increasing their operational costs by up to 25%, resulting in increased prices and less work hours for employees
Proposition 34 – Death penalty repeal/Initiative Statute.
Proposition 35 – Human trafficking, penalties, sex offender registration/Initiative Statute.
The Santa Clara Chamber Political Action Committee has also endorsed a number of candidates in several races.  Please see Steve Van Dorn’s column on the inside back cover for more information on their endorsements.  And above all, remember to vote on November 6th!


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