MEMBER OF THE MONTH: AJ Rose’s Express Delivery Services


AJ Rose’s Express Delivery Service is a small, locally-owned Santa Clara business, started in 2010, that caters to the (delivery) needs of people of all ages. They serve the local community and neighboring cities from downtown San Jose to San Carlos, Los Gatos to Milpitas and all areas in between. They help: seniors, busy professionals, stay-at-home parents, those recovering from recent illnesses, injuries or surgeries, and people who simply lack transportation.

They deliver healthy groceries to their customer’s door, pick-up prescriptions, pick-up/drop-off dry cleaning or shoe-repairs, offer mail &/or copy services, a variety of concierge services (including ticket ordering and pick-up for special events, DVD rental returns, etc..) and other delivery services available on request. No job is too small! They are personal assistants, helping in ways where our customers need help. They do what their customers would do if time and transportation were not an issue.

They offer discounts on 1-month, 3-month & 6-month services, and special offers for chamber members. For the referral of a new customer, they will compensate either in reduced rates or cash back, depending on the length of service. Call to discuss options: 1-888-982-5590 or email to: Mail requests to: 3561 Homestead Road, #366, Santa Clara, CA 95051.


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