Business Experience Day 2012

The Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce & Convention-Visitors Bureau, in partnership with the Santa Clara Unified School District, invites you to be a positive factor in our equation to build future business leaders.  On October 26th, we are presenting the 13th Annual Business Experience Day program.
Business Experience Day 2012 brings students into businesses so that they may learn from business owners and representatives the various facets of business and gain practical knowledge from the businessperson’s personal experiences.  Each year we have a keynote speaker talking about their experiences and how they have become successful.  Last year’s speaker was Dr. Laurel Jones, President of Mission College.  Additionally, all proceeds from the event are put into a scholarship fund that is awarded at the end of the school year to graduating seniors that participated in the program (the individual schools determine the scholarship awardees).  This past year, we were able to award two scholarships in the amount of $2500 each to Krizzia Salas and Melvin Faulks of Santa Clara High School.  Over the past twelve years of the program, we have been able to award over $19,000 in scholarships to deserving students.
The Chamber encourages you to speak with your respective companies/organizations about hosting a student for Business Experience Day 2012.  Each year we make every effort to assign students to businesses according to the young person’s interest, and hope that through your participation we will meet those requests.  In addition to having a student in your place of business, we ask that you (or another representative from your company) attend the luncheon with the student.

What if you can’t be part of the equation?  Then we encourage you to consider donating to the scholarship fund.  Please take a few minutes to complete the registration form included in this mailing-become part of the equation!  If you have any questions, please call our offices directly at (408) 380-1237.


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