Santa Clara Chamber Opposes San Jose Minimum Wage Ordinance

Seeing the title above you may be curious as to why the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce is opposing a San Jose minimum wage ordinance.  Simply put, what happens in San Jose does not stay in San Jose and will eventually impact Santa Clara businesses and the entire region.

On November 6, 2012 San Jose will be voting on a Measure that will dramatically impact the economic future of our region: creating a new city bureaucracy to enforce a government mandated wage that is 25% higher than any community in the region.

Summary of the Measure
The San Jose Minimum wage ordinance started off as a college student class project, but eventually was taken over by labor leaders intent on trying to rehabilitate their image and punish the business community for supporting pension reform. Far more than just a wage hike, the measure would:
• Increase the minimum wage by 25% to $10 per hour starting January 1, 2013.
• The minimum wage will continually increase each year based on CPI.
• The wage mandate will apply to anyone who works more than two (2) hours per week.
• There are no exemptions for non-profits or tipped employees – not even babysitters or students in work-study programs or internships.
• There are no exemptions for existing contracts.
• Auditors will investigate payroll records over 4-year periods as well as anonymous complaints.

Critical issues
Not only will the measure create new burdens on businesses in San Jose, it will likely create a domino effect with cities across the state creating city-based government mandated wages.

The campaign
A broad coalition has come together to oppose this measure – including non-profit groups, chambers of commerce, restaurants, small family businesses, service providers, the National Federation of Independent Business and new technology start-ups.

To ensure an effective effort, the San Jose Chamber of Commerce has retained TAB communications and Eagle Communications, two of the most successful consultants in recent San Jose history. Between them, they have directed winning campaigns and independent efforts to win ballot measures for pension reform and education improvements, as well as candidates for Mayor, City Council and County Supervisor.

Polling shows that it’s a tough, but winnable fight. A goal of raising $1.5 million to fund multi-language television, direct mail and outreach to businesses to ensure voters understand the critical issues. We are working with the San Jose Chamber to mobilize an unprecedented grassroots effort working with award winning consultants that will be delivering messages via television, direct mail and cutting edge electronic communication.

We need your help to fight this measure.  Please consider contributing to the campaign by contacting Ben Roth who is the Campaign Treasurer.  He can be reached at or at 408-687-7617.  Checks can be mailed to 1804 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA 95628 ID #1348733.


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