Member Referrals

We would like recognize and acknowledge member referrals for the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce. Every month we will publish new members who have joined and were referred by an existing member.   When a member has referred a total of three new members, they will also receive a complimentary flyer insertion for the newsletter or 4 weeks of advertising on our eblast ($100 value). Want to see your name in the next newsletter? Be sure to refer potential new members to one of our Chamber staff and we will do the rest!

The following new members were referred by an existing member of the Chamber and we would like to recognize and thank them for their support!

Josie Paolozzi, with Primerica Financial Services referred Danni Burton of Danni Burton & Company.   If you need a communications trainer or mentor, contact Danni at (408) 377-8680 to learn more.

Josie Paolozzi, with Primerica Financial Services also referred Chinee Goh with PromotoMarketing.  If you need any printing or promotional products give Chinee a call at (408) 792-7566 and she will help you to promote your business!   For all of your financial planning needs, contact Josie at (408) 836-0929 to schedule a consultation.  Thank you, Josie for referring two new members!

Lidia Blair, with Pizza Party, referred Kate Johnston with eCosway Valley Fair.  This is a new store carrying organic, natural and eco-friendly products. So stop in to visit Kate at the Valley Fair Mall, second floor, near Macy’s Men’s Store or contact her at (415) 250-4566 to learn more!   For healthy and delicious pizza, including gluten-free, contact Lidia at (408) 248-5680.


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